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Website Indexes

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James A. Lamb
2006 144pages 6" x 9" Paperback US$34.99
ISBN 978-1-4116-7937-5

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"a great introduction to web indexing..."
"this is a great buy."
The Indexer vol 25 no.3 See full review

"We can rest assured that Lamb know what he's doing when it comes to indexing."
"This is a very thorough summary, complete with example index work"
KeyWords vol 14 no.3


Gives you everything you need to build and maintain website indexes: indexing knowledge, HTML and software. It assumes no prior knowledge and provides:
  • instructions for downloading and installing all software required;
  • HTML required to understand indexes and format them effectively;
  • indexing techniques necessary to provide effective indexes;
  • step-by-step indexing procedure;
  • complete reference manual for the software used.
Topics covered include:
  • different index layouts and when to use them;
  • bulleted or non-bulleted format indexes;
  • creating single/multi page indexes;
  • overriding the normal sort order;
  • including pop-up targets in indexes;
  • including images in index headings;
  • converting indexes produced by other software, including SKY Index, CINDEX, MACREX and word processors;
  • automatically adding anchors into target pages to provide more index access points;
  • storing indexing information inside web page keywords;
  • indexing large sites using a team of indexers and thesaurus;
Also covered:
  • automatic generation of Tables of Contents for HTML documents;
  • automatic generation of site maps;
  • formatting book indexes for display on websites;
  • automatic inclusion of help links into web pages to enhance user access.

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